Pioneering the development of intelligent software for aspiring professionals.

Develop your leadership and interpersonal skills through guided practice and personalized feedback.

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Personalized Coaching
with AI Superpowers

Gain unique insight into how you're perceived - whenever and wherever you need it.

Upskill what you need
and find hidden talents

Pick a microlearning scenario to fit your immediate need, or let Interflexion suggest the best areas to improve.

A professional curriculum
and simple content creation

Designed to enhance professional interpersonal skills, extendable with unique content for you and your organization.

Interaction and Reflection

Two pillars upon which everyone can build their professional and interpersonal skills.

  • Interaction

    Interact naturally as you role-play scenarios through voice, video, and text.

  • Reflection

    Audio-visual replay and behavioral insights improve self-awareness.

  • Deliberate practice

    Actionable feedback allows you to develop skills incrementally.

  • Measurable progress

    Know you're improving by seeing your skills evolve over time.

  • Memorable moments

    Active engagement enhances recall and comfort.

  • On device, on demand

    A personal coach whenever and wherever you need it.

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